Soltia Aviary

Pionus seniloides - White Capped Pionus


White Capped Pionus is a popular pet and relatively common in captivity. They are a delight to own! Once they are established they make a very docile parrot that is calm and undemanding. They are very sweet and affectionate; they easily bond to their owners.

August and July arrived from British Columbia to live at Soltia Aviary on August 5, 2011, by Air Canada. They were aviary mates previously so they were housed together immediately. They are beautiful examples of white capped pionus with their green bodies, purple blue feathers and olive brown chests. They are an easy going pair and we are looking forward to handfeeding their babies in the spring 2012.

At about 1 year of age, the crowns on the White Capped Pionus start turning white. By the third moult, the true colours of the White Capped become very distinct. They are about 24cm in length and 185-200 grams in weight. Owners of White Capped Pionus comment frequently about their clownish antics and winning personalities. Native to the mountains of Western Venezuela and Western Columbia close to the Pacific Ocean, they are some times found in Mexico as well.

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