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Ziggy – the Bronze Wing Pionus

Ziggy moved to Ottawa in July where he joined a small group of other pet parrots. Although they have their own cages, they all share a sunroom with perches, hanging ropes and lots of toys. He loves to eat corn.

Photos provided by G. Williscroft.












Quincy – the Dusky Pionus

Quincy moved to Toronto in August. He and his “dad” have a cottage and spend quality time in the great outdoors. Quincy has the kind of holidays we envy. He spends a lot of quality time with “dad”.

Photos provided by W. Cabbab








 Munson* is a diva. It seems that his purpose in life is to have human slaves make him gorgeous at all times of the day. **Leeroy on the other hand will tolerate being cared for like a pharaoh for only so long. He prefers to do the preening and play with his toys.
The two of them have become very comfortable with our two dogs. In fact, Munson enjoys chasing them around the living room. Leeroy draws them in to deliver nips to their snouts.
Both of the boys are picking up sounds very quickly. Munson has learned a couple of phrases, including the name of our one dog that he enjoys chasing the most. Leeroy practices what he has learned just before he gets put to bed for the night.
We enjoy them very much and are glad that they are a part of our household.

*Munson is a red belly baby whose father accidentally damaged his beak. He functions just fine with his shortened beak. **Leeroy was the first brown head brother of four males to leave for a new home in June.


ZUMA AND TUNDRA – Brown Head Brothers

Tundra and Zuma, born in April, 2010, moved to their new home in Regina, Saskatchewan, in October, 2010. Their owners built them several fancy branch perches where they love to sit and listen to the crows outside their window. Zuma is the shy brother and copies whatever Tundra does. Their antics are much enjoyed by the family.


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