Soltia Aviary

Pionus fuscus - Dusky Parrot

Dusky Pionus, at 26cm in length and 170-210 grams in weight, are considered one of the smaller pionus along with the White Capped Pionus. Some noticeable facial feathers are the red feathers around the nostrils (ceres) and the black cheek patches. Their native range is from Southern Eastern Venezuela to Northern Brazil.




Dusky Parrot– Parents and Babies

Maya and Indigo: parents - Dusky Pionus - Poinus fuscus

Maya and Indigo traveled by car from a near - by town to Soltia Aviary late summer of 2008. They have proven to be a healthy, easing going pair who raise large, gorgeous babies. Their indigo (blue/black) coloured feathers are beautiful to behold in the sunlight and after a bath.



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